My name is India J, the Founder & CEO of JahVi3. Jahvi3 is a woman's shoe line that is exclusively sizes 9 through 13.  As a tall woman myself, I've always struggled with being comfortable with my height and lengthy feet.  I've been 5'10 and wearing a size 11 shoe since I was a teenager and it was always a struggle to find cute shoes in my size. I oftentimes wore men’s athletic shoes just to feel like I could have cute shoes.  Personally, I know the challenges of trying to find stylish shoes for prom, the office, church or just a night out on the town.

After serving as an active duty officer in the Army, and now, working as a full time nurse raising two amazing children, I started JahVi3, a woman's shoe line that is exclusively sizes 9 through 13.
I named the company after my family: my son, Eli(JAH), my daughter Oli(VI)a, and together we are 3. I often tell my customers that I pour my heart and soul into when you look at the sole of my shoes you’ll see a gold heart as a symbol of my love. JahVi3's mission is to go the extra length for you.  As we grow, we want to be the brand that you can count on for cute, fashionable, affordable, and quality shoe in our size. JahVi3 wants you to step into our shoes and Own Your Walk! 

Length & Love,

India J.